The Screaming Mind

Certain days, my mind play crazy games and end up making  me feel real bad about myself. For my flaws, for the things I lack and for all that I am not. I don’t think am alone in this. You might have gone through this as well, some time or the other. Once the mind starts playing this game, at times I get a very quick grip over the situation , fight the demons and conquer the negativity right away. But other times, things just go bad, real bad. Things go off the limit. The mind cooks up stories, digs out all the things buried deep down somewhere in the most dangerous parts of the mind.

It is hard to tame the mind, I know. And many a time, you end up feeling sad, desperate, inadequate and insufficient for all the things you lack.

You got less grades? You are incompetent.

You got dark skin? You are ugly.

You are fat? You are not beautiful.

You are skinny? You are still ugly.

You got no job? You are a failure.

You are a girl? You are inferior.

You got no money? You are worthless.

Now. Come on. Get to your right senses.


We are all human beings with flaws, imperfections, feelings and emotions. You don’t have to be ashamed of how you are. Nobody leads an all-happy-life. To be a little lost and disoriented is perfectly fine. Just love the way you are, be happy for what you have and work for better days.

It’s all in the mind and how you choose to take it. Tame your mind to see the goodness, to overpass the negative vibes and I bet you’ll be the happiest.

I know of no more encouraging fact

than the unquestionable ability of man

to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.



Tryst With Nature

Little man enjoying some fresh air

Living in a multi-storeyed flat is almost like living on air. You look out, you see the sky and those weird shaped clouds (which seem quite interesting at times as well, as you get to make stories out of them. Well, am a bit crazy about making stories in my head. You would know if you read my strange love already 😉 ) Ok. Back to business. Living on air can be interesting, but definitely not always. You miss the smell of earth and the feel of sand on your feet, especially if you’re more of a nature person like me. I don’t know about you. But Izahak LOVES TO BE OUTDOOR. He just enjoys running around, jumping in the puddles and getting his tiny feet all dirty.

So whenever it is time to be back at his paternal and maternal homes, he is all happy and excited like a little puppy. Coz, he gets to be outdoors all the time.  Also, the grandparents always have in store lots of surprises and stories for him every time he is back. How can he not be happy ?!

Mr.I with his  maternal grandmother, picking up tulsi leaves


“Ammanjiiiiiiiii,,,,,,,, bug bug” he calls out to his grandmother all excited, his eyes shining like the shiny ladybug he just spotted.

We always make sure that he gets to be outdoors very often. More than seeing him happily jumping around, it is also time for him to explore his senses. To see the colors around, to feel the leaves, to smell the flowers in full bloom, to hear the birds sing and chirp and to taste the fruits freshly plucked by himself.

Passion fruit picking with paternal grandmother


It is great to see him connect with nature and learn from it. Children learn so quickly and what better teacher than Nature herself.



Passionate Passion

Daily Prompt: Passionate

Photo Source


He loved dark chocolates

She loved white.

He loved adventures

She loved silent getaways.

He was all things THIS

She was all things THAT.

The only thing alike was

The Passionate Passion in their eyes.

Strange Love

Do you love strangers like I do? No, not the busy ones. But the slow and silent ones. The ones with a thousand stories in their eyes. The stories that I wish I could read. At times melancholic, otherwise vibrant. The stories they long to share. Maybe, maybe not. You never know. I stand  there, eyes and heart open, trying to listen to that story lost in those numerous layers of deceptions and lies. Strange Love! You may say. But you and me maybe someone else’s stories.


via Daily Prompt: Elegant

Photo Source

There was elegance in her stride and the way she looked.

The way she kept her poise amazed them all.

It wasn’t easy for her to smile then.

For the pain almost broke her.

But the twinkle in her eyes promised better tomorrows.

That’s when she realized it’s not the end.

But only the beginning of an elegant journey.

The Saree Story


“Ammaaaaa !!! How do I wear this saree for the whole day? It’s too long. I might stumble and slip off. ” Cried the terrified me. I remember pestering her all day with my doubts and anxieties of wearing a saree for the first time. That was when I was in sixth or seventh grade at school, for a group song competition, when our teachers insisted that we all wear sarees and matching blouses. From that terrified teenager to celebrating the gorgeousness of a saree, the journey has been of LOVE !

My love for sarees grew deeper and stronger as I started wearing them more often, at first mostly out of compulsion like my group song incident: but later out of pure love for this six yards of awesomeness. The more I wore, the more  I grew in love with the effortless grace it brings to me. I don’t think there is any other outfit that celebrate womanhood and portray a woman’s sensuality as a saree does.


The one am wearing here is a Mull Cotton Handloom Saree in the always-in-trend Indigo shade. The handblock/woodblock print makes it even more special.

Woodblock printing on textiles is the process of printing patterns on textiles, usually of linen, cotton or silk, by means of incised wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing. Block printing by hand is a slow process.

Photo source


Do you hear that? This saree has been someone’s hard work and toil. A craftsman somewhere out there must have spent several days to give life to this baby out here. What can be more special than that?




When it comes to styling a saree, there aren’t any rules. Am wearing a contrast blouse here in a very simple pattern to compliment the simplicity of the saree. I chose to go for ethnic jewellery. Because ethnic adds more charm and syncs with the whole look. Oh! Also, do not forget to wear that confident smile of yours. That is what makes it complete.




I can’t wait for the next occasion to wear a saree and raid my mom’s and mother-in-law’s closet 😉

Behind The Scenes

Once i decided to start my blog, I knew I had to do a Saree post; that too a handloom one. But I was not sure how I could manage to get good pics. That is when Achu came to rescue. He was the happiest to collaborate and we fixed a day and started work. And this happens in between ! You know, mommies never get a leave from duties 😀


Please don’t mind the baby bum 😀


Also, check out Achu’s pics. His Instagram handle is: ricsterjoseph91. He was patient enough to deal with my crazy requirements , he is skilled and is very good company too.. What else do a photographer be ! Oh, also, see what he captured when my Appa called in between the shoot just randomly. See, i told you he is talented.



Dear Omran

Photo source


Dear Omran,

I feel ashamed and guilty to call myself a human, knowing some other fellow humans have caused this miserable plight for you.. The sight of you sitting there, without a shiver, too scared even to cry, has left the mother in me at a loss of words.
I cant stand to watch those tiny legs of yours covered in dust, that once craved to travel distances, walk around and jump up with joy… My heart cringes seeing that innocent face of yours which was once covered with your mother’s tender kisses, which then gleamed with excitement and happiness…
I pray you regain that smile soon my child.. I pray the world lets you dream more colorful dreams and realities.. I pray the world doesn’t scare you again.. I pray the world becomes a better place for you and for all of us..
A loving mother !!