The Screaming Mind

Certain days, my mind play crazy games and end up making  me feel real bad about myself. For my flaws, for the things I lack and for all that I am not. I don’t think am alone in this. You might have gone through this as well, some time or the other. Once the mind starts playing this game, at times I get a very quick grip over the situation , fight the demons and conquer the negativity right away. But other times, things just go bad, real bad. Things go off the limit. The mind cooks up stories, digs out all the things buried deep down somewhere in the most dangerous parts of the mind.

It is hard to tame the mind, I know. And many a time, you end up feeling sad, desperate, inadequate and insufficient for all the things you lack.

You got less grades? You are incompetent.

You got dark skin? You are ugly.

You are fat? You are not beautiful.

You are skinny? You are still ugly.

You got no job? You are a failure.

You are a girl? You are inferior.

You got no money? You are worthless.

Now. Come on. Get to your right senses.


We are all human beings with flaws, imperfections, feelings and emotions. You don’t have to be ashamed of how you are. Nobody leads an all-happy-life. To be a little lost and disoriented is perfectly fine. Just love the way you are, be happy for what you have and work for better days.

It’s all in the mind and how you choose to take it. Tame your mind to see the goodness, to overpass the negative vibes and I bet you’ll be the happiest.

I know of no more encouraging fact

than the unquestionable ability of man

to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.


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