Fumes of hope


via Daily Prompt: Candle

She woke up early, did her morning prayers, cleaned herself and started getting ready for the mass. There was only one thing in her mind, the thing that has been bothering her since some time.

She sneaked into the kitchen, quickly grabbed a cup of coffee and got out of home. The day isn’t bright yet.Mr.Sun is just peeping out, the town isn’t fully awake. But she walked briskly. She got to pour her mind and her worries at the altar. The cool breeze and swaying flowers made her mind calm, at least a bit.

She kept thinking about that. How long has she been praying for this, hoping for this. Yet she was hopeful. Her faith was stronger than her worries. And prayer was her only solace. Thoughts kept her busy and she reached the church faster than she thought it would take.

She took out the packet of candles she had carefully placed in her pocket. She lit them one by one, closed her eyes and prayed. The fumes took her prayers up and above !



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How often do we make the mistake of judging a book  by its cover, a woman by her clothes and a man by his smile and appearance !  Looks can be deceiving. Assumptions can go terribly wrong.

The dark lady in that shabby dress you saw on the street yesterday might be a happier and more content person than you. The driver of that bus you saw today in the traffic might be a better person at heart than you. That person you adore and wish to be like might be dealing with the worst battle inside, which you are totally unaware of.

If only we learnt to value the things that really matter and to see beyond the beguiling peripheries of reality !!