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The Saree Story


“Ammaaaaa !!! How do I wear this saree for the whole day? It’s too long. I might stumble and slip off. ” Cried the terrified me. I remember pestering her all day with my doubts and anxieties of wearing a saree for the first time. That was when I was in sixth or seventh grade at school, for a group song competition, when our teachers insisted that we all wear sarees and matching blouses. From that terrified teenager to celebrating the gorgeousness of a saree, the journey has been of LOVE !

My love for sarees grew deeper and stronger as I started wearing them more often, at first mostly out of compulsion like my group song incident: but later out of pure love for this six yards of awesomeness. The more I wore, the more  I grew in love with the effortless grace it brings to me. I don’t think there is any other outfit that celebrate womanhood and portray a woman’s sensuality as a saree does.


The one am wearing here is a Mull Cotton Handloom Saree in the always-in-trend Indigo shade. The handblock/woodblock print makes it even more special.

Woodblock printing on textiles is the process of printing patterns on textiles, usually of linen, cotton or silk, by means of incised wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing. Block printing by hand is a slow process.

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Do you hear that? This saree has been someone’s hard work and toil. A craftsman somewhere out there must have spent several days to give life to this baby out here. What can be more special than that?




When it comes to styling a saree, there aren’t any rules. Am wearing a contrast blouse here in a very simple pattern to compliment the simplicity of the saree. I chose to go for ethnic jewellery. Because ethnic adds more charm and syncs with the whole look. Oh! Also, do not forget to wear that confident smile of yours. That is what makes it complete.




I can’t wait for the next occasion to wear a saree and raid my mom’s and mother-in-law’s closet 😉

Behind The Scenes

Once i decided to start my blog, I knew I had to do a Saree post; that too a handloom one. But I was not sure how I could manage to get good pics. That is when Achu came to rescue. He was the happiest to collaborate and we fixed a day and started work. And this happens in between ! You know, mommies never get a leave from duties 😀


Please don’t mind the baby bum 😀


Also, check out Achu’s pics. His Instagram handle is: ricsterjoseph91. He was patient enough to deal with my crazy requirements , he is skilled and is very good company too.. What else do a photographer be ! Oh, also, see what he captured when my Appa called in between the shoot just randomly. See, i told you he is talented.