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A little fresh air

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Its wonderful how certain simple experiences can become so rejuvenating, relaxing and overwhelming for ones soul. Like an evening by oneself at the park, listening to the passive sounds, the scent of fresh grass, watching the skies, feeling the wind touch your cheeks, your toes and your soul. Its always good to detach yourself from technology, from thoughts, from emotions and let go of it all. Just to experience peace, stillness and enjoy THE MOMENT. Away from anxieties, questions and answers, you find yourself, your existence. You learn to love yourself, to love even that part of you which you always regret about, you fear of. You learn to forgive yourself, to unlearn and start anew. You learn to enjoy and appreciate the tiniest of things. A little fresh air can bring lots of freshness to your thoughts as well. So whenever you feel a little disoriented, take some time for yourself, try meditating if you could, unburden yourself, find peace, feel light and fresh all over again 🙂