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December Lover.

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If you were to ask me about my most favourite season of the year, I wouldn’t have to give a second thought, coz undoubtedly it’s Christmas!!!! More than birthdays and anniversaries, I always keep waiting eagerly for Christmas. Maybe it’s so because birthdays and anniversaries are just-a-day’s-business while Christmas spirit stays throughout the month. Also because the whole world celebrates and join the festivities with much joy. There is so much of celebration everywhere. There is so much of love everywhere. There is so  much of happiness everywhere. All of these make me an unwavering December lover.



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I had always been this excited about Christmas right from my childhood days; a hundred times more thrilled during those days perhaps. Getting done with the exams, waiting for the elder sister to come back home for holidays, decorating the whole house with fairy lights and charms, spending time together, cooking experiments with the mother, special prayers, midnight mass followed by breaking the lenten fast right at midnight ; fond memories are plenty 🙂

Along with the festivities and celebrations, our mother made sure she made the Christmas season more spiritual for us. Observing the lent and daily visits to church were always a must. I also remember she made us follow simple advent calender activities for the 25 days. Simple things like wishing the elders a good morning, offering flowers at the church, doing special prayers, being kind to others, doing little help to someone in need and many other things. Simple things that stick to me strong even now. Little did I know that she was planting ideals, morals and ways of living in me then. This is one of the many very fond memories of Christmas for me.

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What are your fond memories?

I hope the spirit of Christmas stay with you for the days and months that follow. May the peace and joy be yours forever 🙂


Cookies for the boy.



The story of Whole Wheat Almond Cookies.

With high hopes of feeding the baby some dry fruits, among other things, I bought some almonds as well. You plan something, your toddler would have plotted a totally different plan in his mind already, I tell you. And guess what. Izahak refused to eat them. Not even tiny flakes of them. So I thought I’d trick him into eating them as something like Almond Milk or Almond Shake. But that didn’t help either. And then I started searching online for more recipes because the Mommy Me was so determined to make him eat them somehow. That’s when I came across this very simple Whole Wheat Eggless Almond Cookies recipe.

I made few variations to the original recipe to suit my liking. I doubled the quantity of almonds and halved the butter and wheat flour, which worked very well. The original recipe is posted below.

  • Sliced Almonds – 1/4 cup
  • Wheat Flour – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp
  • Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Unsalted Butter – 1/2 cup
  • Milk – 2 tbsp

Izahak loves baking with me. So I decided I’ll make him join me right from the start itself, though it calls for flour clouds all over the place, dough sticking everywhere and double the cleaning.

He loved crushing the almonds. Other than eating the cookies, this was his favorite part.
Almonds, Flour and Sugar that strangely made a Mickey Mouse face, which nevertheless the boy enjoyed :O
Little helper
And in goes. 


TADA ! There you have it !!

This recipe makes around 15 to 20 cookies.They taste yum, plus they are whole wheat and eggless. And above all that, they are so easy to make. And if your toddler hesitates to eat almonds, maybe you should try this too 😉

Tryst With Nature

Little man enjoying some fresh air

Living in a multi-storeyed flat is almost like living on air. You look out, you see the sky and those weird shaped clouds (which seem quite interesting at times as well, as you get to make stories out of them. Well, am a bit crazy about making stories in my head. You would know if you read my strange love already 😉 ) Ok. Back to business. Living on air can be interesting, but definitely not always. You miss the smell of earth and the feel of sand on your feet, especially if you’re more of a nature person like me. I don’t know about you. But Izahak LOVES TO BE OUTDOOR. He just enjoys running around, jumping in the puddles and getting his tiny feet all dirty.

So whenever it is time to be back at his paternal and maternal homes, he is all happy and excited like a little puppy. Coz, he gets to be outdoors all the time.  Also, the grandparents always have in store lots of surprises and stories for him every time he is back. How can he not be happy ?!

Mr.I with his  maternal grandmother, picking up tulsi leaves


“Ammanjiiiiiiiii,,,,,,,, bug bug” he calls out to his grandmother all excited, his eyes shining like the shiny ladybug he just spotted.

We always make sure that he gets to be outdoors very often. More than seeing him happily jumping around, it is also time for him to explore his senses. To see the colors around, to feel the leaves, to smell the flowers in full bloom, to hear the birds sing and chirp and to taste the fruits freshly plucked by himself.

Passion fruit picking with paternal grandmother


It is great to see him connect with nature and learn from it. Children learn so quickly and what better teacher than Nature herself.



Dear Omran

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Dear Omran,

I feel ashamed and guilty to call myself a human, knowing some other fellow humans have caused this miserable plight for you.. The sight of you sitting there, without a shiver, too scared even to cry, has left the mother in me at a loss of words.
I cant stand to watch those tiny legs of yours covered in dust, that once craved to travel distances, walk around and jump up with joy… My heart cringes seeing that innocent face of yours which was once covered with your mother’s tender kisses, which then gleamed with excitement and happiness…
I pray you regain that smile soon my child.. I pray the world lets you dream more colorful dreams and realities.. I pray the world doesn’t scare you again.. I pray the world becomes a better place for you and for all of us..
A loving mother !!


The Shape Of a Mother

Self Portrait of Motherhood
Self Portrait of Motherhood

“Jeez !! You don’t look 23 girl !!  Do something about those extra kilos and get back into shape asap!!” , she exclaimed . That day I stood in front of the mirror, cursed myself and wished I could change things. It was not just her, but several others who commented on my postpartum body.

I knew I looked not the same anymore. I gained a lot of weight, went out of shape and got stretch marks on  all places one could ever imagine.

There was this immense joy of motherhood and the pleasure of seeing your baby smile on one side (about which I could now go on and on, maybe in another blog post.  🙂 lets see). But the occassional comments on my body, not to mention the drastic hormonal transitions and emotional imbalances started making life hell for me. Inspite of all the support and love from my loved ones, I grew more and more insecure about myself, especially my body.

But as time flew, I gradually learnt to like my body with all its flaws. I realised IT’S OK to have those extra kilos and that belly hang.  Not everybody looks like that celebrity mom who got back into shape two days post delivery. And i learnt to love  my body that gave me my little one whom I now love the most. I realised my body is different now, but only stronger than ever.

Now, I stand infront of the mirror only to smile at myself and feel content about every single thing in me. Yes, I got extra skin hanging around my belly, my breasts may be saggy, I got stretchmarks that show too much. But I embrace it all. Because  THIS IS THE SHAPE OF A MOTHER. This is what a mother looks like. This is the remnant of a glorious journey that one should be thankful and happy about.

Now when someone comments on my tummy stretchmarks, I reply with all the pride,  “that’s what makes me a badass tigress mom” 🙂

PS. Dedicated to all my fellow moms. Never ever feel bad. You are beautiful. You are blessed. Now smile for me. You deserve to be the happiest.