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A little fresh air

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Its wonderful how certain simple experiences can become so rejuvenating, relaxing and overwhelming for ones soul. Like an evening by oneself at the park, listening to the passive sounds, the scent of fresh grass, watching the skies, feeling the wind touch your cheeks, your toes and your soul. Its always good to detach yourself from technology, from thoughts, from emotions and let go of it all. Just to experience peace, stillness and enjoy THE MOMENT. Away from anxieties, questions and answers, you find yourself, your existence. You learn to love yourself, to love even that part of you which you always regret about, you fear of. You learn to forgive yourself, to unlearn and start anew. You learn to enjoy and appreciate the tiniest of things. A little fresh air can bring lots of freshness to your thoughts as well. So whenever you feel a little disoriented, take some time for yourself, try meditating if you could, unburden yourself, find peace, feel light and fresh all over again ๐Ÿ™‚


Tryst With Nature

Little man enjoying some fresh air

Living in a multi-storeyed flat is almost like living on air. You look out, you see the sky and those weird shaped clouds (which seem quite interesting at times as well, as you get to make stories out of them. Well, am a bit crazy about making stories in my head. You would know if you read my strange love already ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Ok. Back to business. Living on air can be interesting, but definitely not always. You miss the smell of earth and the feel of sand on your feet, especially if you’re more of a nature person like me. I don’t know about you. But Izahak LOVES TO BE OUTDOOR. He just enjoys running around, jumping in the puddles and getting his tiny feet all dirty.

So whenever it is time to be back at his paternal and maternal homes, he is all happy and excited like a little puppy. Coz, he gets to be outdoors all the time.ย  Also, the grandparents always have in store lots of surprises and stories for him every time he is back. How can he not be happy ?!

Mr.I with hisย  maternal grandmother, picking up tulsi leaves


“Ammanjiiiiiiiii,,,,,,,, bug bug” he calls out to his grandmother all excited, his eyes shining like the shiny ladybug he just spotted.

We always make sure that he gets to be outdoors very often. More than seeing him happily jumping around, it is also time for him to explore his senses. To see the colors around, to feel the leaves, to smell the flowers in full bloom, to hear the birds sing and chirp and to taste the fruits freshly plucked by himself.

Passion fruit picking with paternal grandmother


It is great to see him connect with nature and learn from it. Children learn so quickly and what better teacher than Nature herself.